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We all know that Android is a mobile operating system which one can easily look for information on the internet, download and watch videos, search for the geographical locations and send and receive emails and so on so forth. Using Android devices does not require any technical knowledge, but this does not mean that one can use it as one likes because careless handling can result in locking of the instrument or to say the operating system gets locked, and the device becomes unusable. Again to use the device again, it has to be unlocked, which is technically called “Rooting” (In lay man’s language it can be compared to that of breaking the thick bars of a Prison). There are many tools to root an Android device that gets locked, but the latest and the easiest tool is called Towel root which is widely recommended by technical exponents.

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What is Towelroot – A brief Introduction?

All electronic gadgets have two components namely Hardware and Software. Hardware is just a physical device and to define Software in simple words “It is just nothing but a set of instructions that is required to operate the Hardware device. This software can be further sub-divided into application Software and System software. System Software is nothing but an operating system such as Windows, Apple, etc., Application Software is for the specific purpose. One such application software is the famous “Towelroot App “which is widely used to root an Android Device that gets locked by negligence or due to an accident. Towelroot app supports on a large number of Android devices. It is an extraordinary tool for Android 4.4 based devices.


Salient Features of Towelroot apk:

  • Android application package otherwise known as apk is the package file format used by the Android operating system for distribution and installation of mobile and Towelroot apk supports major Android devices like viz.  1.AT&T Galaxy S5
    2. Verizon Galaxy S5
    3. Galaxy S4 Active
    4. Nexus 5
    5. AT&T Galaxy Note 3
    6. Verizon Galaxy Note 3
    7. Multiple Sony Xperia Smartphones
  •  It supports the devices that run on Windows Operating System., which has pre-installed drivers for that.
  •  This application is preinstalled on the major devices if not this could be downloaded and the next topic would  elaborate the ways and means of downloading the software.
  •  Android Towel root matches with KitKat 4.4 version.
  •  Fixed download fail error so we can easily find where exactly the error has occurred.
  •  The latest version of Towelroot is V3, which is much faster and easier.
  • TowelRoot V3 can fix Samsung Note 3 kernel 3.4.0-722276 and kernels 3.4.0-636608.

Downloading Towelroot Apk

If the Android device does not have Towelroot pre-installed in it, there is no need to worry it can be downloaded from many links, but the most recommended and preferred is downloading the tool from Google Play Store. Google Play store shows step by step procedure, and it takes hardly few seconds to download it safely.

Rooting the Android using Towelroot

  • Go to the settings of the Android and enable installing apps
  • Go to any safe source (recommended Google play store)
  • Find the file called Towelroot.apk and copy this Towelroot.apk file to the Android device.
  • After copying the above file, go to the device’s security settings and ensure that it supports with the settings to install apps from outside of the Google play store.
  • After installing Towelroot.apk, we have to run it.
  • Hit run to start the rooting process. If hardly takes few minutes to root the Android.
  • After rooting restart the device. Immediately it becomes usable.

Gone are the days where it takes few days to unlock the Android because the advent of applications such as Towelroot has made it easy to unlock the Android and use it again and have fast access to the internet and other fringe uses of the Android device.

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Finally, go to the Google play store and download the Root Checker app and keep it on the device. It is a smart app which checks and confirms whether the Device is unlocked? Run this app and check the status to see whether it is connected or not?

Towelroot is one of the best android rooting apps. And it is the fastest android rooting app. One can root its smartphone using this in seconds. Rooting is very beneficial. It unlocks all the best features of the smartphone. And it makes your smartphone to works at its peak performance.


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